Four Varieties of Vertical Grinder Carts

Vertical Grinder

Four Varieties of Vertical Grinder Carts

The vertical grinder is the most used vertical milling machine in the world, being used in a wide variety of applications. Grinding of any type requires a solid, durable machine that can handle the strain. When choosing a vertical grinder, it is best to look at the features that will be available in each model and how well each machine copes with high stress environments. The following models are designed for use in an outdoor industrial setting:

This is a simple, but powerful model that produces the cleanest cuts possible and is easy to work with. The compact, lightweight and strong design allows for easy storage and transportation. Also, the continuous roundness of the workpiece prevents chatter from occurring and offers the most precise cutting available in a vertical grinder.. This is another popular choice of vertical grinding machines and is highly effective at producing quality cuts.

This is a small and compact face grinder that is extremely versatile. It can be used to grind small holes or to cut larger pieces of stock. It has a continuous roundness that does not alter the diameter of the workpiece and is commonly used in milling applications. This is another machine that has a small footprint and has a steel spindle that is easily adaptable for many applications and can be used in a wide range of environments.

The largest variation among vertical grinder designs is in the level of horsepower. The horsepower is measured in Watts (W) and is usually expressed as horses (W). Although many users prefer to low powered units for their applications, higher powered units are available with lower rpm for those working with intricate and large diameter holes. The larger the diameter of the hole, the higher the engine horsepower necessary to achieve the desired performance.

The vertical grinder utilizes a roller bearing system. There is a stationary roller shaft and two or more sliding rollers that allow the grinding wheel to rotate. This system allows for a close, accurate fit every time and significantly reduces the amount of backlash that can occur during operation. There is a low level of chatter, which further contributes to accuracy. The large amount of torque provided by the motor greatly decreases backlash and also increases reliability. There is also a very little amount of chatter when compared to the smaller, horizontal version.

There are four different styles of these vertical grinder systems. The first style is made up of a heavy-duty chuck and a heavy-duty motor with a drive train composed of a pinion and rack drive. These units are ideal for heavier stock removal applications. The second style is the heavy-duty chuck only with a center in-line grinding wheel. These units will not work well with light stock.