Coffee Grinder Basics – The Double-Sided Grinder

A double-sided coffee grinder is simply a multi-function grinding device consisting of a rotating grinding face that rotates counterclockwise and a rotating face that rotates anticlockwise (i.e. it is done in clockwise direction).

Doublesided Grinder

The first rotating face (also known as fixed face) is typically called a fixed face. The second rotating face (also known as variable face) is also called variable face and has an auger attachment that can be used for milling or chiseling attachments, a hand grip extending overhand for holding the work piece and a chuck attachment for grinding the coffee beans.

A lot of manufacturers of coffee grinders have recognized this need and incorporated variable grinding features into their devices. This feature is commonly known as dual-purpose feature. A dual-purpose grinder provides both the power and grinding function, with the grinding functions being performed by different grinding mechanisms.

Some companies such as Cuisinart have dual-purpose grinder and provide both grinding and brewing functions. These machines are equipped with separate grinding and brewing mechanisms. The main reason why manufacturers of these products have integrated dual-functioning machinery is because they believe that dual-functioning machine reduces the amount of energy consumed during the grinding process thereby reducing the energy consumption for the brewing process.

Grinders that operate on single-axis can be either motorized or manually operated. Merely motorized grinders use electric motors and have a control mechanism to turn the grinding wheel to grind the coffee beans. Manual grinders rely on manual force of the operator to grind the coffee beans.

Dual-purpose is not new to the world of coffee making as other grinders were sold with variable-speed rotation and dual-functioning capabilities, but the introduction of dual-purpose machines and grinders have led to a proliferation of the variety of coffee grinding machines. Thus, you will never run out of options in choosing your best coffee grinding machine for your kitchen.

Today, there are many varieties of coffee grinders that make it easy to purchase a coffee grinder that will best suit your needs. These include compact, lightweight ones; those with built-in espresso machines that brew coffee at home; and coffee grinder designed for commercial purposes.

There are even coffee grinders that can be bought that come with a small refrigerator that stores freshly ground coffee and a large storage bin to store pre-ground coffee beans so that can easily be refilled. For those who are looking for smaller sized grinders, there are also the portable grinders, the coffee grinders that are easy to carry in one’s pocket or backpack.

Coffee grinders can be purchased from local shops, retail stores, department stores or on the Internet. In most cases, the more expensive coffee grinders are more expensive than the less expensive models.