Benefits of a CNC Internal Grinder

Does the IGM 15NC2 dual-axis, twin-bladed CNC Internal Grinder improve your productivity? The IGM-14NC2 double-axis CNC internal grinder targets power efficiency, making a dual-axis machine one of the most energy efficient. Using a dual-axis system will improve your workload and cut your energy consumption in half, leaving you more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

A dual-axis design offers more control over your grinds. Using two machines can allow you to grind different parts of the same piece, improving consistency. Many companies have a common problem with not knowing which part of their product is ground. By using two grinders, you can grind a variety of different sizes of metal, ensuring that you grind each piece to the same consistency and quality.

How does an internal grinder help with your energy consumption? Double-axis CNC internal grinders use two motors, one for each axis. Because the two motors are located at the same side of the machine, they are able to run at different speeds. This allows the machine to run at a slower speed while grinding one piece of material than another. Running at a slower speed will also reduce wear on your motors, allowing them to run longer.

The two internal grinders that the IGM uses make sure that each unit is running at a consistent speed. This is important because two units may require different speeds to meet each customer’s unique needs, resulting in faster or slower results.

Since the two machines are running at different speeds, each of them is running at its maximum efficiency. This means less time spent grinding and more energy saved through the use of the machine, making it one of the most energy efficient machines on the market.

If you are thinking of investing in a CNC Grinder, look into double-axis internal grinders. You can choose from either twin-bladed or single-bladed designs, depending on the type of work you do. You will save money by choosing a CNC Internal Grinder that runs at a faster speed and with fewer parts.

Another advantage of a CNC Internal Grinder is the fact that it can be used at any time. Because the two motors are located on the same side of the machine, they are able to operate at the same speed. So, even if your machine is off, you can still grind, without interrupting other processes.

Double-axis internal grinders are also great for multi-tasking. Instead of spending so much time on grinding, you can run your other processes while you are grinding. The only difference is a few hours a day, instead of multiple days.

In summary, if you are looking for a high-performance tool that is easy to operate and provides better efficiency, you should consider investing in a CNC Internal Grinder. The two speed options will allow you to grind all types of metal and cuts a wide variety of products. It is also easier to operate than some of the other machines on the market. Not only will it work at a faster speed, but you will save money through its energy efficiency and save time when it comes to running other processes during your day.