The Direct Drive Rotary Table

The direct drive rotary table is designed specifically for use in industrial settings and has an unparalleled versatility that provides tremendous advantages for high volume production operations. A high quality high performance rotary motor is used for the motor’s heart to generate it fast, strong and rigid which is being measured by a high precision encoder for the ultimate flexibility with high precision.

Direct Drive Rotary Table

A direct drive rotary table is made up of many small motors, all being linked together so as to provide a complete rotation motion in one smooth motion, with no interruptions. The rotary motors, which are usually a series of small rotors connected to a large hub, have a shaft that is connected to a center spindle that is then turned by a large screw. The screw that is used is often referred to as a worm gear, as it can turn smoothly and consistently in one direction. The speed that the screws turn in turn determines the speed of the rotors themselves.

The rotary table is designed so that the screw acts as the driving force. With the worm gear design, a great deal of torque is produced by a single screw, as it turns in a smooth motion. With the other rotary motors that are used in the direct drive rotary table, there are more motors that help to provide the torque required to do the work of one single screw. Because of the multiple winding of these motors, a larger amount of torque can be generated and used by each screw in a given amount of time. This allows for even greater productivity and efficiency for high volume production operations.

The direct drive rotary table is also known as the drum rotary table, as they are similar in appearance and function. Although they do not have a similar look and feel, they both consist of a drum housing that contains a shaft and a center spindle that are driven by one or two shafts. Although they are quite similar in appearance, they are two very different types of rotary table. The drum based table is much less expensive than the direct drive rotating table but still has advantages that make them a better option.

A direct drive rotary table is made from heavy-duty steel materials, which makes it very strong, durable and reliable. Because of their high quality, they are extremely versatile for use in high volumes and in high production applications.

The direct drive rotary table can be used to perform a variety of functions in many different manufacturing applications. Many people choose to use them in conjunction with the CNC software, as this can be used for fast setup and assembly as well as complex machining.