How to Improve Your Motor Skill

A motor skill refers to physical activity involving the muscles. When you perform motor skills, your brain, muscular system and nervous system work together in conjunction to control various parts of your skeletal and musculoskeletal system in small or large movements. Motor skills generally increase with training and each of the six parts are involved in determining your individual level of motor skills. One can increase their performance by using a number of different methods such as doing physical exercises, doing mental routines and by learning through video games. The more you train, the more effective you become at your sport and therefore the higher your skill level.

One of the easiest ways to improve your motor skills is to increase your overall strength and muscle mass. If you do not have much muscle mass in your body, you will probably need to increase your strength in order to be competitive and to increase your mobility. If your goal is to increase muscle mass, the best way to do this is to lift weights that focus on muscles such as biceps, triceps and forearms. It is also a good idea to use compound exercises for your muscles such as squats, bench presses and dead lifts.

Another motor skill to enhance is your speed. Speed skills can be improved by doing explosive exercises that utilize your whole body while still using only one muscle group. Examples of this type of exercise include power sprints and plyometrics. If you do not wish to go through the trouble of performing explosive exercises, you can always invest in speed training equipment such as the Kettlebell. Kettlebell exercises involve a weight being pulled from the ground while you hold it at the hip or waist. Kettlebell workouts are ideal for people who have limited space or are unable to perform strength training. If you wish to improve your speed and agility, you should try running, cycling and swimming.

Another motor skill to enhance is your agility. Agility skills can be improved through jumping, throwing and blocking drills. This skill is often taught in schools and fitness centers but it is important to note that many people fail to develop this skill because they do not know how to jump high or how to throw well.

One of the best ways to improve your agility is through strength training. These exercises help to build endurance and muscle mass, as well as improve your coordination and flexibility.

The last skill to enhance is balance, which refers to the ability to maintain your balance on all types of movement. The simplest form of balance is the ability to stay standing on one foot without falling. Balance exercises include skydiving, walking and dancing and balance balls. These activities are simple to learn but are important to your overall health and well-being.