What is a Cylindrical Grinder?

A Cylindrical Grinder is the most efficient way to create and enjoy delicious coffee, from the ground bean to the fine crema that is perfect every time. They work on a same principle as a traditional burr grinder, but are used for grinding only part of the coffee bean or coffee leaf.

A good quality grinder has various rotating wheels that changing the distance between its opposing surfaces and makes different sizes of blades rotating around the same circular plate. There are different kinds of grinders including burr grinders, roll-off grinders, semi-rigid burr grinders, half-rigid burr grinders, shimmed burr grinders and even totally tamped burr grinders. For the perfect espresso, you will want to have a cylindrical grinder, but a regular coffee grinder will work just fine.

In a traditional burr grinder, it grinds only the coffee beans and leaves the rest of the beans ground. However, the cylindrical grinders grind a larger volume of ground coffee, creating a better result than the burr grinders. With the cylindrical grinder, the entire bean will be ground by the end of the brewing process. While a normal burr grinder may still be used for that, it is also recommended that you change your coffee grinders with a cylindrical grinder at least every two weeks.

Shims help the grinders control their height and remain in a steady position. You can adjust them to make sure they are under and above the coffee bean so the beans do not get stuck in between the blades. The lower shims to keep the grinders on their proper position, and keep the coffee beans evenly ground and in place. Some manufacturers claim that the ability to grind the beans by hand makes the coffee grounds into a finer grind, but this also has its own drawbacks.

If you do not have a bench to use as a standing platform, the grinders can be placed on an average table top. Using two handles, the blades can rotate so the entire coffee bean is ground up, or half the bean. When using the half beans, the full bean can be ground up into one cup of coffee.

There are two basic types of grinders – those that have a circular plate on the top, and those that use a vertical handle that has several holes drilled in it for the blades to grind through. The plates vary in size, and the sizes of the holes determine how the beans are aligned to be ground up.

With the cylindrical grinders, there is no need to worry about the handles getting rusty. Also, you will not need to be concerned about your feet slipping off because they are not attached to the base at all, and all you have to do is adjust the handle, hold the grinder and rotate the blades.

By holding the coffee bean, you will be able to grind the beans uniformly, which is an added advantage. The choice is yours on which type of burr grinder you prefer. It’s like having two of them – a burr grinder and a cylindrical grinder, one for grinding and one for cappuccino.